Staying Updated

This documentation site is deprecated. Please visit the README of for hosting instructions.

Checking Versions

You can always check the latest versions at and Both the bot and web app are independently developed. Using the clone repository is necessary to ensure compatibility between the two.

Their respective versions used in the clone repository can be checked in the package.json file. This will be updated as the bot and web repos are updated.

You can use GitHub RSS feeds to automatically track them.

Relevant Feeds To Track

Clone Updates

Releases are only made here when files related to the clone repo have been changed. So when either the bot or web are updated, a commit will be made, but not a release. You may follow use the RSS feed for commits whenever the bot or web is updated:

Or releases when clone files have been changed:

Bot Releases

Web Updates

No releases are currently being made on web since it is not technically released yet. If you'd still like to follow development, you can use the commit feed:


If you set up the clone repository correctly, all you have to do to grab and install the latest versions for both the bot and web:

git pull origin master
npm ci

This will not overwrite your config.web.json and Make sure you restart the app afterwards.

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