This documentation site is deprecated. Please visit the README of for hosting instructions.



Both the bot and web are started from the clone image (either in separate containers or combined in one):

docker pull synzen/monitorss

Note that all the required configurations still need to be set through environment variables. To know which ones are required, see the Bot Config or Web Interface Config section.


A Docker compose file is provided in the clone repository at

docker-compose up

By default, the compose file will start containers for Redis, MongoDB, the bot and the web. The env variable DRSS_START dictates whether the bot or the web is started (bot, web or bot-web for both).

The web app must have access to the same database as the bot to access the same data. Be sure to use the same database URI for both the bot and the web application in their respective configs.

Restart Policy Advisory

Be wary of doing infinite restarts. This may lead to you being blocked or banned by Discord.

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