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Placeholders are phrases in the feed's content that are replaced during feed parsing from the source to your Discord, which varies from feed to feed and article to article. They are usable in custom text/embeds wherever.

Placeholders can be found with the test command.





Title of the article.


Author of the article.


Definition of "Description" varies from feed to feed.


Definition of "Summary" varies from feed to feed.


Link to the article.


The number is replaced with a number 1-9. Sometimes feed image(s) are available - they will be shown with the test command.


The published date of the article. Timezone can be customized, as well as its format in config.


The number is replaced with a number from 1-5. These are images found within title, summary, and/or the description of its article. Replace placeholder with title, summary, or description.


A special placeholder that can be used in a feed's custom text to make it blank, but only if an embed is used. If there is no embed, then the message will revert back to the default message.

Putting placeholders will add the article's respective information into the text. This can either be in the main message, or in the embed.

Raw Placeholders

Sometimes a built in placeholder is not enough. You can use raw data from the XML if it can be parsed appropriately by finding such placeholders with the dump command. It can then be used anywhere by prepending raw: to the placeholder name, including filters.

Image Fallback

Sometimes {image<number>} or {<placeholder>:image<number>} may not exist for some articles. In that case, you may provide image fallbacks - images that will replace the nonexistent image. To define image fallbacks, it is in the format of {image4||image3||image2||image1||}. Fallback images can be a {<placeholder>:image<number>}, a {image<number>}, or a direct image link.

  1. Direct image links cannot be used as the main image (left most position). Direct image links should ideally be used in the last position so there's always an image to fall back to.

  2. Image numbers should be decreasing from left to right. For example {image1||image2} does not make sense because if image1 doesn't exist, then image2 doesn't exist either. It should be {image2||image1}.

Blank Lines

If you want to intentionally add a blank line without Discord automatically removing it, you can put the text\u200b.

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