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Embeds are those fancy Discord messages with a box and text inside it - something that can't be sent via regular messaging. To customize the embed, use the embed command.
Discord automatically creates an embed for links, such as the one below:
and bots can create their own:
An embed can normally contain many items. The embed properties that can be customized for a feed are listed below.
Sidebar color. Must be in integer format.
Author Title
Title at the top.
Author URL
Clicking on the Author Title will lead to this URL.
Author Avatar URL
Avatar icon to the left of Author Title. This will only be shown if Author Title is set.
Title under Author Title.
Thumbnail Image URL
Image on the right side.
Clicking on the Title/Thumbnail will lead to this URL.
Image URL
Image on the bottom.
Main message.
Footer Text
Bottom-most text.
Footer Icon URL
Icon to the left of Footer Text.
Date that is visually localized to every user.
Adding an embed will override the embed that Discord normally sends with links (see first image)


To add embed fields, use the command embed.fields. All placeholders are valid in fields as well.