Existing Bot/NPM

This documentation site is deprecated. Please visit the README of https://github.com/synzen/MonitoRSS for hosting instructions.

Running the Bot

Simple Way

Setup the bot and use the same bot token.


Install monitorss:

npm install monitorss

or directly from dev branch for the latest updates via the format npm install author/repo#branch:

npm install synzen/monitorss#dev
const MonitoRSS = require('monitorss')

const options = {
  setPresence: true,
  // Config format is same as config.json
  config: {
    bot: {
      token: "abc123"

const drss = new MonitoRSS.ClientManager(options)

ClientManager Options

An object can be passed in as the first parameter of ClientManager,

Custom Schedules

Custom schedules is passed as an object of objects in the format of

    feed43: {
        refreshRateMinutes: 60,
        keywords: ["feed43"]
    otherName: {
        refreshRateMinutes: 30,
        keywords: ["other", "words"]

Using Structures

If you don't want to run the bot and just want to have access to its structures:

npm install monitorss
const Feed = require('monitorss').Feed

async function myfunc() {
    await MonitoRSS.setupModels(mongoURI, mongoOptions)
    // Do what you want with Feed now

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