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Webhooks are basically custom bots anyone can create within 10 seconds with a custom avatar and username that the bot can redirect feed articles to so the bot won't be directly be sending messages! An example of what it can do:

Note that webhooks can only operate in the channel they are authorized to. Each webhook is specific to a particular feed. To first add a webhook:

  1. Go to the feed's Discord channel, and Edit Channel

  2. Click Webhooks

  3. Create a new one.

Then to integrate this webhook with the bot, use the command webhook in the same channel.

Parameters can be added to webhook as --username="my custom name" and/or --avatar="my avatar URL" to change the username/avatar of the webhook for that particular feed. Placeholders are also accepted here!

If you change the name or avatar of the webhook, the bot will not see the changes unless you use the command webhook and overwrite the old one in memory, or restart the bot.


    "webhook": {
        "id": "123",
        "name": "some name",
        "avatar": "https://www.website.com/image.jpg"

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