Bot Config

Configs are set in the settings/ file, or if you're using the bot programmatically via npm, pass in the config object to override defaults as the first parameter to the constructor (see here for more info on programmatically). Configs can also be set via environment variables.

Any configs with an asterisk * beside it indicates that it is required and the bot cannot function without them. There will be a automatic check on startup for any invalid/missing configs.

Type Definitions:

Number - A non-negative integer (no quotes).

Boolean - Either true or false (no quotes).

String - Text that must be enclosed with quotes. Example: "my text"

Array[String] - Multiple strings enclosed by [ and ], separated by commas. Example: ["mythinghere", "mysecondthinghere"] or with a single item: ["myotherthing"]

Object - A JSON object.






Only change these if you know what you're doing. The defaults already provide the best performance for small cases (less than or equal to a couple hundred URLs to request) for most server specs.


An optional config, used to show the URL in the help command.

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