Process Managers

This documentation site is deprecated. Please visit the README of for hosting instructions.

Optionally use a process manager to keep the process running in the background (make sure you manually run it after setting up to resolve any issues before doing this):

Be wary of your process manager(s) doing infinite restarts. This may lead to you being blocked or banned by Discord.

PM2 / Forever

  1. npm install -g pm2 or npm install -g forever in terminal.

    • add sudo before npm if you have permission issues.

  2. cd MonitoRSS assuming your folder is named MonitoRSS

  3. pm2 start bot.js or forever start bot.js

Realtime Log Tracking

  1. Use pm2 list or forever list to show the process ID.

  2. pm2 logs processID or forever logs processID -f - you'll now be shown a short recent history of the bot logs, and any further

Complete History/Logs of Bot

  1. Use pm2 show processID/forever list to show the out log path/logfile location.

  2. cat /my/location/<log name>.log. This is not realtime tracking.

Clearing History

  1. pm2 flush/forever cleanlogs

Stopping the Bot

  1. pm2 stop processID/forever stop processID


  1. pm2 restart processID/forever restart processID


(credited to Danpiel)

  1. Create unit file in /etc/systemd/system/discord-rss.service with contents

Description=Discord RSS bot

ExecStart=/usr/bin/node /opt/discord-rss/server.js

  1. Reload systemd to take new configuration sudo systemctl daemon-reload

  2. Start it with sudo systemctl start discord-rss

  3. Enable autostart with sudo systemctl enable discord-rss

  4. Logs can be checked with sudo journalctl -fu discord-rss

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